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"little timmy and his ginger beer"


little timmy came to school one day with nothing but a ginger beer in his hand. you see, ginger beer was little timmy's favourite beverage in the whole wide world and he was looking forward to the sweet sweet beverage since he woke up that morn. he would run around to his friends in other classrooms exclaiming "i have a ginger beer for lunch today, fellows. oh i am ever so excited." anyway, little timmy wanted to savour the moment he had with his frosty beverage, so he stored the liquid in the brown bottle in his locker, where the temperature was low so his ginger beer became extra frosty. as the bell rang for lunch break, little timmy eagerly grasped hold on his ginger beer and went out to meet his friends on the chapel steps, which is where they liked to play of a lunch time. while his peers were tucking into their food, timmy watched his bottle o' ginger beer with glee. the bottle cap crisply came off as some ginger beerical steam rose from the neck of the bottle. the first sip was like nirvana for little timmy, utter bliss. suddenly, i said to him, "hey timmy, what's that you've got there?"
little timmy turned the bottle to show his friends what he was drinking, but the perspiration from the condensing bottle loosened his grip on it, and as he said the words "ginger beer," the bottle slipped. little timmy tried to grip the falling bottle, but as his friends watched, he knew he could never get back what he had lost. he gave a helpless yelp as the bottle collided with the cold hard ground and smashed around his ankles. the coldness in his hands soon moved to his heart as his "friends" erupted in laughter...poor little timmy. his passion for the day was gone, and he was the laughing stock of his group of dandy fellows. oh, what a poor boy...