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you are about to witness a sample from the lost language of jenglish, which was discovered at the ancient ruins of inca by jewish eskimos earlier this century. actually, it’s not a lost language, and was not discovered at that place that i said, or by those people who i said discovered it. come to think of it, forget everything I ever told you, because jenglish was but a creation of two bored boys in a class they call physics, in which a sophisticated adverb is followed by a convoluted adjective, resulting in a phrase both humorous and nonsensical.

eg: subkinnetically bodacious, phosphorescently immaculate, metaphysically wonderful, sophisticatedly ingenious, centripetally interactive, coherently ambisexual, sadistically infatuated, periodically momentous, bombastically erotic, conquisatorilly romantic, manifestantingly quizzical, sporadically methodical, contradictorily inedible, depasitatively modernistic, subsidisingly exotic, rapistacally emotional, prodigally despotic, judicially superlative, prodoggedly psychotic, phallicentrically impressive, confessionally dubious, liquidally loquacious, aquatically excretory, atheistically interstate, constipatingly exertive, ferociously foetal, spasmodically hormoneous, stabbingly kingesque, minatorily quadriplegic, embryonically flamboyant, assertively cramboynistic, anti-semitically rendicious, malevolently conspiratorial, disgustingly petrolic, stimulatingly mesmorifying, bohadistically stationary, diarrhetically flaturific, crematoriumlly phlogistic, jovially dyslectic, cordially reminiscent, eleodantly dismembered, phospholipidly derronic, jonfeyistically imperative, dictionarilly sasporatic, blankly sotosmic, alienically bankrupt, chovially bereft, ribosomically transportational, fossfollically arachnophobic, spumbillically explorative, transparently ejaculatory, microscopically spermatozoony, deciduously ostentatious, abundantly pictorial, heedingly orbicular, perniciously eclectic, attentatively stambulic, computeristically compatible, queerly incestuous, etc etc etc.