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"27 coulombs of death III: evils evoked"

...rise from your grave...

for those of you who have ever wondered just how the gentle giant that is fr. gerry healy became so disturbingly evil, from the pits of hell comes the masterpiece to end all masterpieces. “evils evoked” is the story of how gerry came to be possessed by jackie di valentino. when tram conducting jackie di valentino is put to death for murdering an old lady, he is given the opportunity to get a second chance at life. while in purgatory, satan proposes a competition between jackie, irish mass murderer brady o’shea and serial rapist and sadistic explorer “the hunter,” where the winner will be given life through possessing the body of a small child (gerry healy), who is to grow into a purely satanic beast in years to come. the winner would be determined by a point system where creativity scores just as highly as body count. what the contestants don’t know is that this competition is actually hell’s best rating television show. let the bodies hit the floor as hell in released on the streets of melbourne.