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"reality ghost"

...when reality t.v hates you for a change...

from the creators of the 27 coulombs of death series comes “reality ghost,” the tale of a young man who just happened to be watching the wrong television programme at the wrong time. while channel surfing on his new television set, nineteen year old jack adamson experiences an unnatural phenomenon. storms brew outside, and as lightning strikes jack’s satellite dish, a portal from the realms of hell is opened through his television screen and a beast is set loose. enter reality ghost, a man-like creature of great violent intent who is capable of immense pain and devastation. as reality ghost sets about freeing other reality ghosts from hell via other television sets (leaving a path of death and destruction along the way), it’s up to jack to set things right and vanquish the pink faced, sun-glasses wearing reality ghost, before mankind has a war on its hands.


“I thought Reality Ghost would pop right out of my television set. Terrifying!”

- Bruce Walshe, dirty old man