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"killer in the kitchen"

"touch me on the inside part and call me my name" was written upon the wall in blood. was the only clue left at the scene of the murder; that along with a full set of fingerprints, the murder weapon, a photo of the killer, and a signed declaration stating the motive and time of the murder signed by the killer herself.
by day she was a burger-flipper, by night she was a hussy...a psychotic killer hussy. her side-kick was a fiery red-headed librarian (the perfect pair they both thought).
ever since the killer had ordered an uber awesome set of knives from danoz direct, she had been fulfilling her lust for murder. she'd slink into her potential victim's kitchen and bang some utensils and appliances around the kitchen and await the owner of the kitchen to come and solve the riddle of what was creating these mysterious noises. they'd often arrive at the kitchen door with a token golf club or umbrella, but the killer knew her stuff: a blade to the head, a quick twist, the hussy was done and gone before anyone new anything about anything or anyone. meanwhile, red would raid the fridge for milk, as the murdersome couple lived with forty-three cats.
at every murder scene, the killer would leave one of the knives from the set, so eventually, she was down to the very last piece: the meat scissors. she had looked forward to using these scissors ever since she bought the set. she thought she'd take out her side-kick because red found everything "boring" these days, so the killer thought she'd spice up red's life.
BAM went the scissors into back of her neck.
WHAMMY went the red-headed body as it hit the ground.
the killer in the kitchen had killed once again and it was getting too easy. but no more knives. where were the police? she wanted so badly to be caught so she could fuck up a women's prison fromt he inside.
she got sick of waiting and so turned on the television.
moira was on.
danzo direct was pumping through her head.
moira had a new vaccuum.
the killer in the kitchen knew what to do.