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"elena and eye"

it was elena's first day of teaching, actually she was just the replacement teacher while mister sodington was away with explosive diarrhea. while she looked forward to her big day, she was still quite nervous. she had been warned about the class she was to take care of, quite a troublesome group of young'ins she had heard.
there was little terrance, who was infamous for lighting things on fire; tubby ol' connor, who was known for stealing the lunch of every other child; and young sally, who had one prosthetic eye which needed to be taken out and cleaned once every day.
compared to sally, terrance and connor were nothing, thought elena. because elena was now in charge of this classroom, she knew that she would have to also be in charge of the eyeball manouvre, which involved taking out the lifeless glass eye, spraying some sick sort of medicine into the socket, cleaning the ball with a clean wet rag, and placing it back into sally's head.
her first day wwas totally swell up until two o'clock. she knew this was the time. even terrance the terror and connor the fat-ass hadn't worried her until now.
it was eye time.
sally guided her through it, fat lot of help that was. sally instructed elena to apply pressure to her left temple until a "pop" was heard, then the eye would voluntarily roll out of the socket.
elena tried to keep her eyes shut because she knew she wasn't good with these things. any sign of gore or anything disgusting to do with the human body made elena want to faint.
however, curiously elena opened her eyes to take on the sight of sally's eye. it wasn't actually so bad, just like a massive marble.
but, then she looked at the eye socket. this was a mistake. the muscles behind where the eye should have been were now twitching and reaching out of the socket like epileptic tentacles from a slimy sea-cave. elena felt dizziness creep into her head as the pink wet fingers crept out of sally's.
elena felt a sick lurch in her stomach and dropped the eyeball, straight onto her foot. it bounced off and rolled straight into the other room where the other children were having "quiet time," reading books about the human body.
before hitting the floor in a state of unconsciousness, the last things elena could hear were the deafening and terrified screams of twenty-five odd students.
when she regained consciousness she was greeted by who else than the one-eyed girl, muscles still a-twitchin.'
elena was out like a light again and never taught ever again.

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